Baggy Shorts - Breaking Order

green shorts with pink decorations and details
stylized  picture of a model wearing Green shorts with pink details
A model wearing Green shorts with pink details
Green shorts with pink details
Green shorts with pink details
Green shorts with pink details

Just look at the regular structure of the green fabric. Standing alone I found it a little uninspiring. I needed to break the regularity. The order needed to be smashed with another fabric with a high contrast and irregular pattern. I chose for bright pink batik and made a tape which I then shaped into a square. Fight fire with fire, right?! Distort rectangles with rectangles. The effect mildly unsettling, eye catching. It draws attention and challenges the sense for order.

Both fabrics are made of cotton. The background fabric I salvaged from a local second-hand store and the pink fabric from a local fabric store.

The main fabric feel is soft and warm. Perfect for late spring days or summer evenings wearing.

Walking in these shorts feels like a breeze with that airy, light experience. The shape provides plenty of space for the range of movements. It gives you the feeling of freedom with no restrictions.

The waist band has an elastic component so jumping, squatting will always be comfortable and easy but also secure not to drop down. The waist sits comfortably on a size 98cm (38.5in) but it stretches to up to 104cm (41in) The length is 68cm (23in)

Price: €350

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