Butterfly Wedding Bouquet

Butterfly Wedding Bouquet
Stylizes picture of a bride holding a bouquet
A bride holding a bouquet
Close up of a butterfly bouquet
Close up of a bride holding a butterfly bouquet
Close up of a butterfly bouquet

I am so proud of this piece!

This is a bouquet of 40 small butterflies. It is a very special bouquets because even though the butterflies are stylized they have a very real feel to them while still maintaining its fairy-like magic.

Imagine holding a bunch of butterflies that can at any moment break into a flight in all directions with you right in the middle of it. I wanted to create an anticipation of this dynamic and dramatic moment by making some of the butterflies move around as if already flying away.

Every single one of the butterflies is made by hand using my refined origami technique for a realistic look. They are made of white cream fabric with a paisley pattern for a "background" and a floral satin fabric that I use for the moving butterflies. The whole handle is wrapped around with a green satin ribbon that is smooth and shiny but definitely allows for a firm grip If this item caught your eye and you would like to know more about give me a shout.

Price: €300

This is the last Butterfly Wedding Bouquet in stock!

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