Late Summer Evening

origami butterfly bow tie with a floral pattern and golden sheen
Stylized picture of a man wearing an origami butterfly bow tie
man wearing an origami butterfly bow tie
man wearing an origami butterfly bow tie
origami butterfly bow tie with sating collar tape
Stylized origami butterfly bow tie with diamonds

Picture this. Late summer evening. The air is heavy and perfectly still. The smell is sweet and earthy. Everything is pleasantly warm and the atmosphere is calm. You feel safe.

The warm colours of honey and copper with details of small flowers evoke good times.

Making these origami butterflies started when I wanted to decorate my sister's dress with them. However this took a sharp turn when I realized the butterfly would look super cool as a bow tie. It took me a couple of months, some sleepless nights and dozens of disfigured butterflies (RIP) before I settled for the final design. I am very happy now as it really resembles a real life butterfly and also has a lot of fullness and depth.

My biggest challenge was the fraying edges. Luckily I solved this literally in my sleep as my brain was racing and the solution came to me :D. Now the bow ties have beautiful clean finish with no raw edges visible.

I take great care when making these bow ties. I put a lot of love and passion into making sure they look great. I want them to look special because they will make you feel special! Despite this there may be slight differences between individual butterflies and the position of the fabric pattern may vary. But that's the nature and beauty of hand made products. They are all originals!

The collar tape is made out of the same fabric and on the inside is lined with a red satin ribbon. I have a multitude of different satin ribbons for the collar tape if you want a different colous. Just let me know ;)The closing is super easy, just a simple hook. And the length of the tape adjustable up to 48cm (19'') of the neck circumference.

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